So today we finished off all our various jobs before having our winter break. However the weather is anything but wintry. It’s been so mild that our daffodils are coming through already!! Just hoping that they go dormant shortly. Also luckily here we’ve been pretty dry so means can get out onto the ground and dig, compost, manure etc without damaging it too much.

Tasks completed today:

Burnt our huge bonfire pile, though not on our plot, but helped out the site manager with his where he’s busy clearing a derelict plot for a new tenant. His fire wasn’t really doing too well until we added our stuff to it. It was still blazing away when we left.

Finished off all our digging over, raking etc, before sheeting up.20151205_101717.jpg

When we first started the majority of our plot was covered. Now the majority is still under cultivation, so didn’t take too long to do. Typically though, as per usual, as soon as any netting or sheeting is attempted the wind picks up to gale force and we’re in danger of disappearing over the hedge whilst hanging on to it! Still it;s all down and secured, so pleased with that.

Also mulched up all the fruit bushes and trees20151205_103600

Finally have almost completed our central pathway. Only about 6 more feet to go. Could’ve done it today but it was such heavy work today and so relentlessly windy that called it a day and came home to the warm instead.

So as this is my final blog of the year it just leaves me to wish all my fellow allotmenters, gardeners and bloggers a very happy Christmas and I look forward to reading what you’ve all been up to and relaying our exploits in the New Year.