A morning planting

So having spent the week at work looking out of the window at the lovely blue sky, come the weekend it typically turns cold and windy. However, undeterred we were up at the plot by 8.3- wishing we had a coat or bodywarmer to combat the strong NE wind straight off the North Sea, but soon warming up as we began the four hours of planting out of everything we have that needed to be done at the moment.

First in were our main crop spuds-MArkies which we had great success with last year. This year decided to double the amount to see if instead of running out about Feb time we can become year round self sufficient. However, this seemed like less of a good idea as I proceeded to injure my back somehow with literally the first turn of the spade! Normally I have no problems digging, but this time was different and it still hurts a bit now but as we had some much to do I heroically continued!

Other things planted include out first peas-Early Onwards and loads of sweet peas.


on the right a new variety of Brussel Sprout for us-Brigette which apparently begin cropping as early as Sept and on the left White Excel caulis-also another variety not tried before so be interesting to see how they get on.

Also planted the clematis-20160423_111738

and the passion flower-20160423_111752

on opposite sides of our new arch.

Finally my plum tree is out in blossom-


Had an incredible crop last year so hopefully the cold weather isn’t putting the bees off and they’ll be busy pollinating for me.


Plots joined

Our original and new plots are now officially joined by this lovely arch20160416_120524

Have bought a beautiful clematis, a passion flower and are growing some fantastic looking ornamental gourds to grow up, through and over it. Once they and the cut garden bed which will be on the side closest in the photo gets established everything should look pretty good.

As per usual this time of year there’s always so much that needs doing, but with some hard work we’re getting there. The second early spuds-Maris Peer this time- are all in and the greenhouse is now totally finished off. Here’s an incredibly interesting pic of the floor in it!-20160416_120540.jpg

Done last weekend but forgot to take any photos. Also the waterbutts are attached and have finally got an automatic window vent fitted.

Elsewhere our fruit trees are still just in the initial stages of getting ready to blossom. However both new nut trees have fabulous colours on them already. Here’s the red filbert living up to its name-20160416_120557.jpg

Lastly I’m now the proud owner of a pair of braces for my gardening trousers! My wife finds it hysterical, but hey if they’re good enough for Monty Don they’re good enough for me. They made they’re allotment debut this morning and they worked a treat. Brilliant.


Repairing and sowing

I had pencilled in finishing off most of the structural jobs still needed on our new half plot during my week off, but instead had to spend most of that time repairing last week’s storm damage. Happily I can report that apart from the greenhouse still having a missing window due to the replacement one being lost in transit somewhere, everything else has been sorted. Across the whole site there’s still a few upended sheds and collapsed greenhouses sadly. The poor people opposite have had to cut up their remaining frame as it was twisted too badly to fix. Feel very sad for them as they’ve only had their plot a short while and have been busy turning it into something cultivatable.

When not repairing also planted our Juliette potatoes, completed our fruit cage extension, levelled off, manured, composted and raked over where the dedicated cut flower bed will be and mulched up all our fruit tress both new and established. No photos of any of the above as not exactly photogenic! We have lots of life coming across all the trees though, so hopefully next week some blossom pictures might be possible.

Before going away for a couple of days sowed some Kale and Gherkin seeds and came back to find these waiting for us-20160403_172135

Will thin out the Kale over the next few weeks.

Also our lovely chillies are coming along well-20160403_172147

Lastly, back at home the lawn had its first mow of the year, an interesting experience as I had to continuously ensure I didn’t mow one of our cats who spent the entire time stalking the lawnmower! Silly boy.