A day of firsts

Well today has been a day of firsts, some good some bad.

Firstly the bad.

We were first up onto the plots this morning as is often the case and it immediately became obvious that there had been yet another break in on the site. For the first time though we had some things taken. Like everyone else our spades had gone whilst things like the rake and hoe remained. Luckily no damage to ┬áthe plot and nothing else taken, but it’s so irritating. Quite what anyone expects to make money wise from a cheap spade who knows, but now of course we have to buy a new one. We supposedly have CCTV on the site now, so hopefully whoever is responsible has been captured on it and they get caught.

Anyway, onto the happier firsts now!

Have picked our first ever aubergine20160910_104706

Also, we have our first apples ready-


These are a cooking variety called Bountiful and the tree is groaning under the weight of this year’s crop! I love an apple and have had great success growing them. Our plot has a commercial apple and pear orchard next door, so whether our trees benefit from that i’m not sure, but it can’t be doing any harm.

Brilliantly we have our first ever cobnuts too-20160910_104548

Wasn’t expecting any this year as we only planted the trees over the winter but they’ve grown from tiny little saplings to strong looking small trees. The other tree is a Red Filbert and has beautiful crimson catkins on it. Whether they’ll develop into nuts this year i’m not sure, but it gives hope for better crops over next few years.

Elsewhere on the plot have planted up our first overwintering veg, a Japanese onion called Yellow Globe and some cauliflowers

So all in all an eventful day!