When i went to bed last night the chances of getting up to the plot and doing anything this morning was looking pretty bleak. But when i checked at 7 this morning, dry until 11, so up we went. Sure enough at just before 11 the heavens opened, but we were safely back inside by then. The few hours we spent up there though were productive.

Removed all the shading from the greenhouse to let the aubergines get as much heat and light as possible. Our first ever year of growing them and they’ve been very successful. Whether the ones that are forming now will grow into anything meaningful who knows, but at least we’re giving them a chance.

More importantly though we’re planning a major rehaul of our fruit cage over the winter, with all of our current raspberries coming out, the ground being properly dug over and improved, plenty of grit added for drainage, then new canes going in at 90 degrees to the original ones. So today cut all the summer canes down, then dug them out and dug the ground in between, which had only ever been walked on, over. The autumn canes are still fruiting so they can stay in for a few more weeks, but our new ones are coming in November, so I want all the groundwork done before then. When you’ve had a few months with no digging you can forget how hard it can be!

Also did plenty of harvesting too with all the usual suspects of spuds, carrots, kale, squash all being picked. Most pleasing though we have picked our first ever successfully grown melon, something we’ve been trying for years to achieve but have always failed. Another plot holder said to me a little while ago they couldn’t see the point of growing things like onions or melons as you can buy them in a shop. While of course completely true, surely that’s missing the whole point. Going to the supermarket and picking a melon off the shelf will never give me the satisfaction of watching something I’ve grown develop from this in early August20160809_191446

to this 20161001_084109

Strangely i don’t even really like melons, but when i eat it later it’ll be the tastiest melon I’ve ever tried i know that!

And now as i sit here typing this the rain is coming down outside and I have the realisation that we’re now in October and the autumn will be coming upon us soon even though it’s still been pretty warm/hot and sunny here. That’ll mean the return to trousers rather than shorts, wellies rather than trainers and colder, darker mornings. At least I’ll have a bumper crop of apples to look forward to so it’s not all bad.

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