Well what a spectacular weekend’s weather-shorts on in early April! Fantastic.

The downside to all this settled weather though is our plot is already absolutely bone dry and rock hard. However, I’m not complaining as all our fruit and nut trees are fully in blossom now with plenty of bees buzzing around them. Hopefully this will lead to another bumper crop again, but we’ll see. When we’ve had dry Springs before, that usually leads to wet Summers or Autumns. Anyway, here are a few shots of the pear and apple blossoms.

All but our main crop potatoes are now in, the wigwams for the various beans put up and we have our first Asparagus spear showing. Planted last year nothing appeared, but hopefully more than one will be coming through this time. I’m not actually that keen on Asparagus, but like everything else, when you’ve grown it yourself all of a sudden it become worth eating!

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