Total devastation!!

Our allotments got a visit from Storm Katie last night and she left a large wake of destruction in her path. Got a call about 10.30 to say we’d been affected and got up there to find our lovely new greenhouse missing six glazing panels and its door! Luckily I managed to fix most of the damage but we’re missing one complete roof panel and the door was ripped clean off bending and breaking the metal frame in the process. So not good, but not as bad as some. One of our neighbours greenhouse was reduced to a few random pieces of aluminium and their shed was on its roof, whilst I could see sheds and greenhouses totally wrecked across the whole site! Very upsetting really, but have ordered the new roof panel which we’ll have in a day or two, then just need to get a new door bit and we’ll be back to normal. Hopefully no more severe storms to come for a while.