Today was another gloomy, overcast day with a chilly NE wind blowing much like it has been for seemingly weeks on end here now. Usually we have dry, warm, sunny weather in general this time of year, but not this year. Apart from one hot weekend sometime ago, it’s been cool most of the time.

But, now we have our super greenhouse, for the first time ever we’ve got proper peppers growing-20160618_112750


These are just standard sweet peppers, but also have some more unusual varieties growing too, which have flowers starting to appear but no fruit yet. Even more excitingly, again for the very first time after years of trying numerous different varieties and growing techniques we have melon plants with flowers!!!20160618_112802

Whether anything will actually grow from them who knows but just getting to this stage seems like a major achievement!

Elsewhere on the on the plot, the leeks are now in their final growing position, the sweet potatoes are rapidly growing, garlic is now ready to dig, spuds are going mad due to soaking up all the rain we’ve had recently and we’re picking literally pounds and pounds of the most amazingly tasty strawberries every day or two.

So although weather could be better everything’s coming along fine. Just some nice warm sunshine please now and things will be even better.