Planting and picking

Well what a cracking weekend. Weather has been absolutely superb and I’ve spent most of the time sitting in the sun, drinking beer and relaxing at our local food festival. Great to see so many small local businesses¬†making a living and creating such high quality produce. Bliss.

Spent a few hours out in the glorious sun at the allotment too, where have planted next years garlic crop. I’ve love garlic, not only the taste of course, but how incredibly easy it is to grow. Also what can you harvest in June and still be eating the following April? Brilliant.

Anyway this year have planted four different varieties again. 20150926_08472620150926_085540 (1)20150926_09004020150926_090642

Haven’t tried Mikulov White before, but the cloves were in fantastic condition, so look forward to seeing how they grow. Planted some onion sets too and did a bit of general tidying up. Picked the last few plums, the first lot of main crop potatoes (sadly no photo), which look in great condition and also have our first few apples ready.

Here they are on our two trees20150926_084531

and here our the Red Falstaff variety ready to eat20150927_185645

It;s been a bumper year for apples so these three are the first of many. Sadly we have at least thirty fewer than we would’ve due to a branch breaking off in some unseasonably windy weather earlier in the summer. Both trees are about seven years old now and after a slow start to life are both now incredibly productive. The taste of the fruit is superb and as Monty Don rightly said this week, there’s few things better than picking and eating an apple you can’t buy in the shops. I quite fancy another heritage variety, but an earlier sort so we can have fruit from August onwards.


Sunday was our society’s late summer/early Autumn show. With the weather leaving a lot to be desired finding produce good enough to show was a bit of a challenge in certain areas, but it pleases me enormously to report the winning of two thirds and one first.

Here are some flowers which won a third20150913_162602

Picked on Saturday morning they’d lost a bit of condition overnight, but still looked nice and colourful.

Here’s a tray of various produce. Apparently the carrots were too small, but never mind.20150913_162905

Finally here’s the prize winning vegetable- a Sweet Dumpling squash.¬†20150913_162620

Elsewhere there were some absolutely amazing Dahlias being shown. The skill and dedication needed to produce flowers of such quality was hugely impressive and has given us some further thoughts as to what we may begin growing on our newly acquired extra land.